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Hi my name is Magdalena. 
I am a 30-year-old fashion designer based in Munich, Germany.
Throughout my career I had the opportunity to further develop and improve on my own signature style, which forms and influences my work as a designer today.
Working and collaborating with creative people who share the right mindset and a positive spirit is the most important aspect to me on the journey to creating the best possible product.
My main source of inspiration originates from enthralling people and societal change. Therefore, I open up, look closely and connect to as many human beings as possible. 

This is why I do not categorize people and for me fashion is a wonderful tool for dissolving boundaries.

Collection development

 Creative direction

Development of present creativity strategies

x   Brand design, brand positioning 

x   Product design for accessoires

x   Art direction & styling 

x   contemporary womenswear / premium - luxury segment 



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