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Hi, I'm Magdalena, a Munich-based fashion designer and creative director specializing in contemporary fashion.

With a background in fashion tailoring, I've honed my expertise in manufacturing, developing my own signature style that influences my designs today.

My passion lies in sustainability design concepts and acquiring certifications in sourcing and manufacturing. Through collaborations with international suppliers and brands, I've formed enduring partnerships, cherishing the synergy with like-minded, creative individuals who share a positive mindset.

I draw inspiration from captivating people and societal change, connecting with diverse human beings to dissolve boundaries. Fashion, to me, is a powerful tool for unity.

Together, let's embark on an extraordinary journey of crafting the best possible products—where creativity, sustainability, and boundless self-expression converge.

If you share my passion for innovative fashion and believe in the transformative power of style, I would love to hear from you. Whether you have an exciting project in mind, a burning question or simply want to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Let's create something remarkable together!



Fashion Design / Collection development 

Creative direction

Sustainability consulting / acquisition of certificates

Development of present creativity strategies

Brand design, brand positioning 

Product design for accessoires

Art direction & styling 

contemporary womenswear / premium - luxury segment 

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